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About Dr. Atia

With over 30 years clinical experience in advanced cosmetic procedures & skin cancer treatments as well as being one of Australia's Leading Trainer for advanced cosmetic procedures, Dr. Aaron Atia graduated from the University of Monash in 1987 in Melbourne.

Early in his career, he accepted a fellowship with MHR (Medical Hair Restoration) and ADACS (Advanced Dermatology and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures) in the USA, right after graduating from Monash University. During this time, he became the first Australian Doctor to complete a fellowship with this World leading Accredited Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Company.

Dr. Atia's Skin O2 Derma Fill facial treatment was featured on E!News USA as a Hollywood celebrity red carpet favorite and his skincare treatments are adored by millions of skin lovers from everyday people to Australia's top models and celebrities alike.

Dr. Atia formulated The Australian Doctors formula Skin O2 brand which is a vegan, cruelty free skin care & professional non-invasive Skin O2 clinical treatments that can be performed by paramedical staff and advanced dermal therapists for people suffering from problematic skin conditions such as acne. rosacea or sensitive skin, or to aid fast skin regeneration and scar repair after surgery. Skin O2 is clean beauty as it contains no toxic or irritating chemicals, fragrances and dyes so is safe and suitable for all skins.

About Dr. Atia

Skin O2 was originally created in 2005 to help to help combat the harsh skin ageing effects of the Australian sun, as well as to help patients recovering from surgery and problematic skin concerns. His breakthrough Skin O2 Doctor formulated brand was established by him and his life partner and current CEO Alison Atia who was dedicated to care for their patients and who had also previously suffered from acne & sensitive skin concerns herself. Skin O2 is now distributed to thousands of Beauty Clinics & Cosmetic stores in Australia & across the globe as well as achieving multiple healthy & beauty awards.

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